Thursday, July 8, 2010

Class On July 18th

This is one of the etching projects we will be making!! A CUTE Cricut bug with your name on the other your friends dont steal it LOL !!! They will be sooo jealous LOL!


missie said...

This is beautiful. Did you create this image or is it on one of the cartridges?

Michelle said...

This is from the Storefront cartridge! ☺

Monica said...


Tanya said...

Michelle whre can i get the storefront cartridge?
I really love this, i wish i can be at this class but right now Im living in CO. I will look u up when i get to Cali again.

Michelle said...

the bug head is on Storefront which I have only seen at custom crops for $80, or potpourri basket which is on ebay for around $40