Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pictures of the SWARM

I just wanted to share a few pics of us girls...☺

The first one is my grade school friend Suzi (who visited me from So Cal), me and Aunt Donna. The second picture is me with Lezlye ( we met on facebook and finally met ☺)

A good time was had, prizes were won ( I won My pink Stamper stamps!!!! and everyone received a cartridge!!!! We were pooped by the end...I couldnt make it till 11 pm...LOL


Beandip said...

Where was this swarm? I would love to go to one if they are ever in Southern California.

Alma said...

Looks like you had a blast!! And you look so pretty! =) When I'm down in San Diego next summer maybe I can take a detour to go meet you!

Craft Junkie Too said...

How fun - I LOVE Swarms - we get to see and meet soooo many people. Thanks for sharing. :)

Roberta Whitley said...

Do they "swarm" all over the country?

Michelle said...

This swarm was in Northern CA !! Anyone can put on a swarm ! And Yes there's Cricuts swarming everywhere! LOL