Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Witch

As you know I teach craft classes and provide kits. So my 6 year old wanted to teach me something today!She used cardstock and hand drew these cuts, then she told me to cut them by hand, so I did, then told me how to layer each piece and what to add.
Apparently I was suppose to use yarn for the hair but didn't have any so we improvised.
I added the stitching and dots on the boots, everything else Lily taught me !

How funny are kids? They want to be just like us, and she even taught me something I didn't know! lol
enjoy ~


Janette S. said...

WHat an adorable witch and what a good, loving mom you are!!

Stefani said...

that is too cute and a very sweet class by Lily! I can't wait to meet her! Wonder if she'll teach me?

gayle-rn said...

That Lily is soooo sweet just like her mommy.What a smart crafty girl she is getting to be.Lily you can hold your own craft classes for all your friends....teach them what you know.I think it's great.

kricketts said...

LILY!!!! This is adorable!!! You are going to be an awesome teacher or designer! You are such a creative young lady! Cant wait to see more classes!

Kim :)