Monday, April 22, 2013

Organizing the kids Playroom !

Hi Everyone !!
I have had issues with TOYS ! They have taken over the playroom so this weekend I took a trip to Ikea and have sorted, donated and thrown away everything !
I'm kinda embarrassed to post the before picture, this does NOT represent what the rest of my house looks like I PROMISE ! LOL !!!
I LOVE being organized, and well my 4 year old lets just say we didn't knick name her "distructo" for nothing ! I feel bad my 7 year old has to pick it up all the time, so I HOPE these changes will help teach her to pick up and keep it organized!

So that's the before and after pic, I bought the huge 25 cube system and desk at Ikea for $199.00 and the bins for $4.99 each.  The cubes are huge measuring about 13x13 apiece (which would be PERFECT for a scrapbook room)
I also bought HUGE fabric laundry hampers from Target to put the stuffed animals in.
(yes I will need to go through those AGAIN were donating 2 full garbage bags of just the stuffed animals LOL and still have all these !!!!)

Since my youngest cant read I made labels with pictures to let her know what is inside the bins.
I used my Cameo to print and cut these. Using a shape, then back filling it with a pattern paper, and then I imported a FREE clip art file from the internet.
Now she knows exactly what is in the bin without getting them all out

After cutting the labels in the Cameo I laminated all of them to prevent them from getting dirty

Then I used Velcro on the back, so when she grows out of a certain toy I can just replace the tag with whatever is NEW in that box !

As we fill up the rest of the boxes I will add labels to those as well.
I threw away all the toys that were broken then involved the kids as to what they didn't want anymore.
I'm donating them to our county Foster Family Agency as I do not like to donate to Good Will, because they turn around and make a profit off what they are given.
I hope this inspires and helps those of you who have a playroom like my before picture ! LOL !!!


Kim Ricketts said...

This is great!! I should make labels like that for my classroom bins!

Kim :)

Kate said...

Wow Awesome Idea on that. I definitely need labels like that in my house too. Great Organization. Well you only have 2 so imagine house messy my playroom is with 4 kiddos, lol.

quilt4fun2 said...

Great job! The labels are so cute and it! Did the kids love it?
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

Madeline Metts said...

I want that cube storage unit for my daughter's room, but can't find it anywhere on Ikea's website. Where did you find it?
Thank you!!