Monday, December 2, 2013

Guest Design for My Vinyl Direct

Hi Everyone
I'm so excited My Vinyl Direct has asked me to guest design today !!!
Like most of you I have a mile long list of projects I want to make for the holidays so I thought I would share one I just made for a Christmas gift.!!
My friends husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan and works in a office,
so I thought what a perfect gift, his own custom made Sanitizer bottle !!

Yoda is a image I found on the internet, and used fonts from my computer.
I used the My Vinyl Direct glossy outdoor vinyl in black.
I used the outdoor vinyl in case it gets wet from the sanitizer and he needs to wipe it off.

I tied a bow and used a rubber band in the back so it can easily be removed if he wants.

So how did I make it?
I bought this big bottle in green (because of Yoda) at Target.
Next I peeled off the most I could on the front of the bottle then used the Goo Gone to remove all the sticky residue left behind.
I then washed the front of the bottle and wiped it clean before I applied the vinyl.
**The reason I leave the back on is so the recipient can see the ingredients in case they are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient.**

I hope you enjoyed my quick and easy gift!
I LOVE, LOVE vinyl it is so quick and easy to make fabulous projects and personalize them to how YOU want !!!!
 I hope this adds more projects to your list !! ♥
thanks Michelle ♥


Candace Pelfrey said...

This turned out so awesome!!!! He is going to LOVE LOVE it!! Hmm now I need one for my desk! haha

Melissa said...

Great project! Congratulations on your guest spot too-

Georgiana said...

Everyone is going to want to use that Yoda hand sanitizer in the office!

Kate said...

This looks Amazing. Absolutely love it.

Debbie said...

oh wow this is so awesome love it congrats on the spot for guest designer

Kathy Salido said...

OMG, so darn cute!!!

Jamie said...

So freaking awesome!

bird said...

Omg I love these would be great stocking stuffers.

Trixie said...

This is AWESOME!!!!