Monday, February 17, 2014

NEW Scrap Studio pictures !!!

HI Everyone !!
I wanted to share my NEW Jaded Blossom inspired Scrap Studio with you.
Recently my girls wanted their own rooms so I traded with my daughters so I could have the bigger room since they aren't sharing anymore.
Here's a picture I took with my phone since it has panoramic

 This side of the room has my printer, and wide format printer and inks
also the Ikea carts have Jaded Blossom store stamps in them ♥
This was a empty nook and my husband built a bunch of shelves in it for me to store the Jaded Blossom stamps !!! I used a fabric shower curtain to hide them when I'm not filling orders.

This is a view of the closet from where I sit I have cubes from Michael's in there with items I don't use all the time.

The back side of my custom made island. I bought all the cabinets from home depot and the hardware (I still have 2 more knobs to put on)
My friends boyfriend put them together for me, he used 2 pieces of MDF for the top then I covered it in material and topped it with a piece of custom cut glass.

My cricut carts, some ribbon and my copics on the top of the Ikea 4x4 cube

Ikea has drawers you can buy that fit inside the individual cubes perfectly !!!
This is all my rumple ribbon in this drawer

Here is the full Ikea 4x4 cube unit. The sturdy teal cubes are from Target (these are much more sturdier than the ones Ikea sells)

Close up of my twine..... yes its addicting !!

Here's my fiber shelf my friends hubby built for me
I store, fiber, tulle, burlap, twine, flat punches and my buttons on it
(the jars with my buttons in them are from Walmart)

In these bins I store office type supplies I need for shipping, picture cds, and project life type papers etc...

On the end of the custom made island I bought these rods from Ikea and my hubby installed them for me to hang my punches.
The hanging cups and baskets are also from Ikea

My curtains were purchased on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond !

This is the wall between the door and the bathroom.
This shelf is from Ikea as well and the cubes from Michaels.
This paper cubes are for 12x12 stacks
I also hang my mats on the back of the door using command hooks

View from the door as you walk in

The back side of the island, peg board and holds all the wires and outlets.
I also hang a couple mats here because my Cameo is used in this spot.

Yes this 5x5 cube system is from Ikea as well.
I bought a 1x5 too and my husband secured the back to make it all one piece!
The white boxes at the top are from Ikea and hold altered items I don't use all the time.

Inside the closet on the other side I have cubes where I store vinyl, big shot dies, duplicate 6x6 stacks, and holiday paper and embellishments.

Here is what my island table looks like most of the time, when I'm working.
I LOVE that I can sit or stand which is better on my back.

Next to my work station I have drawers to hold all my scraps. Its nice to have it close and accessible

Another view from the door

I used some of the shelves for washi tape and flowers
This I had in my old room, cubes from Michaels and the top just a piece from Lowes that I had them cut to make a table top!!!

This is one of my projects I haven't completed yet.
This huge spinner tray will be spray painted and set on the shelf above.
I bought this at Harbor Freight
My Jaded Blossom stamps right by my chair so I can grab them easily
I need to have my daughter alphabetize them !! lol

My cardstock and paper
Top shelf is mostly PaperTrey and Stampin up cardstock
2nd shelf is 12x12 patterned paper mostly Echo and Carta Bella
3rd shelf has all my 6x6 pads
Yes I still need to label all my stuff ..... its on the list lol

Where I sit, I like this chair found it at Marshals !!
It goes up and down and swivels so I can easily get out and light to put it under the counter top

So here is it again! !! Im soooo happy with how it turned out.
I bought the paint colors from Lowes for a JADED BLOSSOM blue inspired room !!!


Jamie said...

Ugh! Hate you!!! This looks amazing!

Annie Kelly said...

I double Hate you.......this is a dream room...

Kate said...

OMG Hate you so much right now. I am so Jealous of your craftroom. It must be heavenly to have that.

Trixie said...

OK I'm gonna have to hate you too! LOL!! This looks amazing!!!

Melissa said...

WOW! So many great ideas in your craft room. Thanks for taking all the pictures, so neat!

Jessica Wilson said...

I've been WAITING to see this post!! Your room is AMAZING!!! I wanna come and play in it!!!! So happy you have it they way you wanted!

Crafting on Caffeine said...

This is so awesome! I'm so happy for you! Now I can show hubby what I want in my room jk.

Mia said...

Beautiful craft room!! One day maybe when we are done moving every 2-3 with the military I will aspire to have something like this or at least a 1/3 of it. :)

chelsea jennings said...

It turned out amazing!!! Great space girlie!

dreenie said...

Amazing Michelle! Very beautiful! My harbor freight tray is waiting to be spray painted too :)

Kim Ricketts said...

Yep! This is Michelle's room! LOVE The color and all the organization!! Looks amazing!

Kim :)

Debbie said...

Oh Michelle I am so very happy for you I know you are loving it you have such a great family, your hubby must be one special guy, again so happy for you congrats with your new room I just love it, you well deserved my friend

Simply Sandy said...

Looks wonderful. I have the harbor freight spinner and the same spray paint :) unfortunately it still hasn't been painted. But it is extremely useful.

Simply Sandy said...

Looks wonderful. I have the harbor freight spinner and the same spray paint :) unfortunately it still hasn't been painted. But it is extremely useful.

Candy said...

Gorgeous room! Congrats!

Candy said...

Gorgeous room! Congrats!

Wandy said...


Wandy said...


Madison said...

Beautiful room Michelle! It must be fun to create in there!!

Sara Bottomlee said...

This is amazing! I need to hire you to do mine. I love the colors!!!!

Debbie Rodgerson said...

wow, wow, wow...that is absolutely awesome!!!!!

Kathy Salido said...

Wow, what an amazing craft space and so neat and organized!!

bodog916 said...

Very Nice Michelle , You have made me rethink my scraproom... lol.. again !!.. Have fun in your new room

Stefani said...

very cool, chickie! love it....I like the space plan! awesome!

Jennyfer L said...

Oh my Lord!!!! You sure are a lucky lady to have such an adorable, no, AMA-ZING, craft room!!! Wow! Its so organized and clean unlike mine lol. Love, love it and TFS it with us :-)

Trace-face said...

thank you for sharing this looks awesome

Sherrie K. said...

Michelle, your room looks amazing! The color is awesome and love the fun island!! I need to get my room more organized which is what I am working on this yr:)
Thanks for sharing! Love it!
Sherrie K

Robin said...

Holy cow!! I am so very jealous!! This is amazing~when will the store Hugs, Robin

cal8007 said...

Please don't let my husband see this post on your craft room! Mine never looks that neat. What a wonderful place to create!!

Lezlye Lauterbach said...

Pretty close to perfect Michelle! I'm out of space..;( I NEED to take over my living room! Ha!

Tommy Dannel said...

good for you .I know how much we all want it all and you have a head start on me .I looks great .I am green with envy

Kim Ricketts said...

Oh to have a room with stuff in it!! LOVE it! Love the calming blue too!

Kim :)

Phoebe Vercoe said...

OMG!!!!! I love the room. I wish I had a space like this. You are so organized. Thank you for the inspiration.

Melanie Smith said...

Your room is beautiful. May I ask what type of things go in your bins that fill the Ikea cube shelves? I bought a bunch from Thirty One to use in mine and I have no idea what I should use them for....LOL

gale said...

Wow, it's beautiful!! I love the colors-those are the same ones I'm doing my room in.

scrapBugz said...

Gorgeous room!


Kim Ricketts said...

love your room!! I can't wait to use my stuff! I can't wait to see your next creation!!

Kim :)

Me said...

Now THAT is organization. I love it and hope to have one simliar to it within, say, the next 50 years... ;)

Brigit said...

Absolutely love it, what a dream room!!

Regina Easter said...

your room is it