Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Cricut Cartridges!!

3 Birds, 50 states
A- A Child's year, Accent Essentials, All Mixed Up, Alphalicious, Animal Kingdom, April Showers, Art Nouveau, Art Philosophy, Ashlyn's Alphabet,
B- B is for Boy, Baby Steps, Base Camp, Batman, Basketball, Best of Pixar, Beyond Birthdays, Birthday Bash, Birthday Cakes, Blackletter, Block Party, Bloom, Boys Will Be Boys, Bump in the night
C- Cake Basics,Camp Out, Campin Critters, Car Decals, Carousel, Cars, Calligraphy, Celebrate with Flourish, Celebrations, Chic & Scary, Chore Chart, Christmas, Christmas Cards, Christmas Cheer, Christmas Village, Cindy Loo, Country Life, Create a Critter, Cricut American Alphabet, Cricut Classic Font, Cricut Decals, Cricut Essentials, Cricut Everyday, Cricut Sampler, Cupcake Wrappers, Cuttin Up
D- Designers Calendar, Destinations, Disney Classics, Don Juan, Doodlecharms, Doodletype, Dreams Come True,
E- Easter, Elegant Cakes, Everyday Paper Dolls, Everday Pop-up cards
F- Fabulous Finds, Fancy Frames, Fast Food, Flower Shoppe, Four legged Friends, French Manor, Freshly Picked, From My Kitchen,
G- George &Basic Shapes, Gingerbread, Give a Hoot, Going Places, Graphically Speaking, Groovy Times, Gypsy Font, Gypsy Wanderings
H- H20, Handy Man, Hannah Montana, Happily Ever After, Happy Hauntings, Hello Kitty Greetings, Hello Kitty Font, Holiday Cakes, Home Accent, Heritage, Home Decor, Hoot 'n' Holler
I- Independence Day, Indie Art, Inspired Heart
J- Jasmine, Jolly Holidays, Joys of the Season, Jubilee, Just Because Cards, Just a Note
K- Kate's ABC's
L- Lacy Labels, Learning Curve, Life's a Beach, Life's a Party, Live Simply, Locker Talk, Love Struck, Love you a latte, Lovely Floral, Lyrical Letters
M- Makin the Grade, Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art, MS Birthday Cake Art, MS Seasonal Cake Art, Meow, Mickey & Friends, Mickey Font, Mini Monograms, Mini Monsters, Mothers Day, Mothers Day Bouquet, My Community, My World
N- Nate's ABC's, New Arrival, Nifty Fifties, Noah's ABC's, Nursery Ryhmes
O- Office Help, Ocean of Words, October 31st, Old West, Once Upon A Princess, Opposites Attract
P- Pack your Bags, Pagoda, Paisley, Paper Pups, Paper Doll Dress Up, Paper Trimmings, Picturesque, Pink Journey, Plantin Schoolbook, Playtime, Pooh & Friends, Pooh Font, Pop-up Neighborhood, Preserves, Princess Party, Printing 101, Printing Press, Pumpkin Carving
R- Ribbons & Rosettes, Robotz, Rock Princess
S- Sans Serif, Savory, Sentimentals, Serenade, Sesame Street & Friends, Sesame Street Font, Sesame Street Seasons, Shall We Dance, Simply Charmed, Simply Sweet, Slumber Party, Smiley Cards, Snow Friends, Songbird, Sophie, Speaking of Fall, Speaking of School, Splish Splash, Spongebob, Sports Mania, Spring Holiday, Stamped, Stamping, Stand & Salute, Stonscript, Storefront, Storybook, Sraight from the Nest, Stencil, Street Sign, Stretch your Imagination, Sugar and Spice, Summer in Paris, Summer Vacation, Superman, Sweet Shop, Sweet Tooth Boxes, Sweethearts, Sweet Treats
T- Tags Bags Boxes & More, Tear Drop, Thanksgiving, Tie the Knot, Tinkerbell, Toy Story, Trim The Tree, Twinkle Toes
V- Varsity Letter, Very Merry Tags
W- Wall Decor & More, Walk in My Garden, Wedding, When its Cold Outside, Wild Card, Wildlife, Winter Frolic, Winter Lace, Winter Woodland, Wrap It Up
Z- ZooBalloo
Imagine Cartridges ** All Wrapped Up, Ancestry, Better Together, Best Friends, Elsie, Hopscotch, Heirloom, Imagine More, Imagine More Cards, JT, Kate's Kitchen, Lori's Garden, Mr. Frosty, Mystical Garden, Nursery Tails, Snapshot:Texture


ScrappyScavenger said...

Lawd! -How dong did it take to type this?

Jennifer said...

Looks like you own all of the ones they have. Loving it

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Wow. So jealous. Wish I had that many Cricut cartridges.

Denise said...

Picturesque and the pink journey one are the only ones I noticed that you are missing. I am sure there are others, but wow you got a great collection. Too bad you are not my neighbor. I would be loving life.

Coachfans said...

Where did you get so many of your cartridges? Which one is your favorite? What would you like next?


Jannarama, aka Jann H Schott said...

Okay, so yesterday I got in the mail the "Zooballoo" Cart, which I got from Circut Rewards. My hubby and mom were saying they were going to have to do an "intervention" because I am starting to collect a variety of carts. (I now have 19!)

So I JUST counted your carts, Michelle and I believe I counted 141 carts!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!

How long have you been doing this?! (collecting them) I got my Cricut Create back in March, then my Expression in August. Granted some came with the machines (purchased via so that's how I managed to increase my collection.

Michelle said...

I have had my Cricut since the first came out with them. But have really got more into it this past year.
Coachfans- I dont have a favorite, theres alot I like more than others. I do think Storybook is the best font one though.
I have all my carts in alphabetical order and on a clip it up so it was easy to type this up ☺

Love That Bug said...

You sure do have a lot of carts. :)

Flamenco92627 said...


AnneMaflan said...

Your collection is very impressive! You have about 29 more carts than I do. And you have some of the Lite carts that I've been searching for!

You've inspired me to list mine, too. Here I go:
#: 3 Birds on Parade, 50 States
A: Accent Essentials, A Child’s Year, All Mixed Up, Alphalicious, Animal Kingdom, Ashlyn’s Alphabet
B: Base Camp, Baseball, Basketball, Beyond Birthdays, Blackletter
C: Calligraphy Collection, Camp Out, Celebrations, Christmas, Cindy Lou, Create A Critter, Cricut Sampler
D: Daisy Chain, Designer’s Calendar, Disney© Dreams Come True, Disney© Hannah Montana, Disney© Happily Ever After, Disney© Mickey and Friends, Disney© Mickey Font, Disney© Pooh and Friends, Disney© Pooh Font Set, Disney© Tinker Bell & Friends, Disney/Pixar© Cars, Disney/Pixar© Toy Story, Don Juan, Doodlecharms
E: Easter, Everyday Paper Dolls
F: Fabulous Finds, Forever Young, French Manor, From My Kitchen
G: George and Basic Shapes, Going Places, Graphically Speaking, Gypsy Font, Gypsy Wanderings
H: H2O, Hello Kitty© Font, Hello Kitty© Greetings, Heritage, Home Accents, Home Décor
I: Independence Day, Indie Art
J: Jasmine, Jubilee, Just Because Cards
L: Locker Talk, Love Struck, Lyrical Letters
M: Makin’ the Grade, Mini Monograms, Mother’s Day, My Community, My World
N: New Arrival
O: October 31st, Office Help, Old West, Once Upon a Princess, Opposites Attract
P: Pagoda, Paisley, Paper Doll Dress Up, Paper Pups, Picturesque, Plantin Schoolbook, Printing 101, Printing Press, Pumpkin Carving
R: Robotz, Rock Princess
S: San Serif, Sentimentals, Serenade, Sesame Street© Font, Sesame Street© Friends, Simply Charmed, Snow Friends, Soccer, Spongebob Squarepants, Sports Mania, Stamped, Stamping, StoreFront, Storybook, Straight from the Nest, Street Sign, Stretch Your Imagination, Summer in Paris, Summer Vacation, Sweet Treats, Sweethearts
T: Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More, Tear Drop, Tie the Knot
V: Very Merry Tags
W: Wall Décor and More, Walk in My Garden, Wedding, When It’s Cold Outside, Wild Card, Winter Woodland

I figure that by the time my cart library is finished, I'll have nearly 200.

Wendy said...

Wow, lots of work! You have a lot of carts! :)

lize said...

very cool , I'm going to post mine too !!!

Alma said...

Yay!! Now i'm off to have you cut up some stuff for me! :)

linda said...

Looking for a cartridge that has a bird similar to a cardinal shape and one with a bare tree branch? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

tHiS BuG's GoTTa GiVe said...

Oh my goodness Michelle your a lucky girl wow you defiantly are a Cricut Mama hehe love your collection <3

Tina said...

Wow, and I thought I had a lot of cartridges! I have 60 something. I, too, have mine listed in alphabetical order on a sheet. I have the carts organized, and put away, because I have a Gypsy, so I don't have to access the actual cart very often. I wish I would have gotten the "Hello Kitty" cart before it became a 'collectors' item and outrageously priced! LOL.