Sunday, January 29, 2012

100 days of School !

Hi Everyone !!!!

Yes its already the 100th day of school on the Thursday. My daughter Lily who is 6 had to make a project with 100 items on a board.

Since she has her own Cricut she was of course excited to make her own thing. She came up with a Breakfast concept to have bowls of cereal.
I helped her find the images and figure out the size to make them.

Other than that she cut it, glued it and stamped adorable Peachy Keen faces on the bowls.
She was so excited to complete the project that SHE designed ♥

She used Create a Critter(milk), Savory (bowl), A Childs Year (Spoon), Simply Charmed (strawberry), Doodlecharms (heart) and Teardrop ( Font)
She added a heart to make 10 because Breakfast was only 9 letters long
thanks for stopping by ~


Percilla G said...

Oh I love this
Your teacher will be so inpressed

char52 said...

WOW we are only at 90. I would love one of my students to be this creative for the 100th day.

Miss Giebel said...

Michelle, this is adorable! Your daughter did a wonderful job! It's one of the most unique 100 days poster I've seen!!

Vivi Martínez said...

Wow! Your little one is so clever. I love the cereal on the bowls. She really took care of every detail. A+++ to your daughter!

The Creative Mommy said...

How CUTE is this???? That's so cool that your daughter has her own Bug!!! If I ever have a little girl, she'll haver her own too :D

Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

This is great and the detail amazing!