Thursday, February 28, 2019

Eyelash jewelry holder

HI Everyone!

My day over at SVG Cutting Files !!

I used a NEW file called Eyelashes

I found these cute dishes at Marshalls and used permanent vinyl to put the eyelashes and names in each dish.

These dishes are for my daughters friends to put jewelry in !

We put these in bags with other self care items and candy for Valentines Day !

Thanks so much for stopping by !!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Craft Studio Tour Pictures

Hi Everyone !

I've had a lot of people ask to see my Craft Studio... and as any crafter knows we are always changing things around lol.

I moved 2 1/2 years ago from California to Idaho and my last craft room was a small bedroom. When we moved I was lucky to find a house with a entire 3rd floor to be used as my Craft studio and Jaded Blossom Shipping Dept. !

So while we were packing up I took measurements and started planning how to arrange my room. I made a list of things I needed to get at IKEA and made a trip before we moved since there is no IKEA in Idaho. 

When you walk into my room this is what you see!

This is a view from the other side of the room looking towards the door

On one side I have a paper wall lol
I used Kallax cubes from IKEA. These are 2 5x5 cubes side by side
they fit perfect since the ceiling starts to angle.

On the left are jet max cubes from Michaels. I use this for 12x12 paper pads

What are in the cubes? I have close up below

For my 12x12 patterned paper I sorted it by theme and colors for my dots and stripes.

All my 6x6 pads I cut down school folders and my label maker to create cards to separate them by theme as well

I used fabric bins from Target to sort them. They fit the 6x6 cubes perfectly and 2 rows of 6x6 pads fits in them!

On the bottom I sorted holidays so they are all together in 2 cubes

At the very top I bought these bins from Target online because of the color. I may change these down the road because these taper in at the bottom (these are from my old craft room)

The first Kallax unit has 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. Paper Trey and Stampin Up brands by color I use for card bases and 3d projects.
I keep them in the wrapper they come in so I can reorder the color when I run out.

This is where I keep most of my stamping items. My Jaded Blossom stamps then ink pads directly under them.

This is where I keep my copics ! These wood copic storage units are from Stamp n Storage they come in plain wood and I sprayed them white to match my room!

I used more Stamp and Storage units for the ink as well ! I labeled all the colors and used a small punch to put the color next to the name as well.

Of course since I am Co-Owner of Jaded Blossom Stamps and Dies, Jaded Blossom stamps are the only ones I use! 
I organized them by theme and holiday!
The clear bins I ordered from Amazon and they are refrigerator bins !

I recently bought this new storage unit from Stamp n Storage
It has clear trays you can buy to put in and organize all your goodies!

My other Kallax cube has my 12x12 Doodlebug textured cardstock sorted by color!

The clear containers are refrigerator bins as well that I put my Doodlebug stickers in the top one and Doodlebug Planner stickers in the bottom. I bought them at Marshalls!

This is my 12x12 cardstock of other brands
These clear 12x12 holders are from Storage Studios from Amazon 

This is not all my jewels and sprinkles because I have outgrown this storage so I am currently looking for more hahahah 
These binders are from Queen & Co

When opened you can purchase sleeves to go inside and they are arranged by type/ binder then by color !

Here is another example of the 12x12 paper I sorted by theme

Along the back wall I bought 4 units from IKEA. Each one come on casters.
They were the perfect height for the window!
I used a desk mat from IKEA as well for the top of each one to keep the tops from getting scratched.

On this I keep my dies, big shot, hot glue gun, and machines

Under the brown cover is my 13x19 Canon photo printer which I use for printing all my digital scrapbooking pages.

In the drawers are various items, this drawer has small bags.
Other drawers have embossing powder, ink, adhesive, watercolor etc.

I LOVE how my dies are stored!
These are also from Stamp n Storage!
and yes they are ONLY Jaded Blossom Dies ♥ 

I organized them by theme and shape then labeled each magnetic sheet with the name of the die.
The thing I love about these sheets is that every magnetic sheet is backed by cardboard so they don't stick together !

Below in the drawers I have additional ink pads and ink refills!

I like to have my dies and Big shot out ready to use at all times !

I have the entire 3rd floor so we are the tallest house I love all the light and being able to look out the window... to see when the UPS man comes HHAHAHAHA

This is my workstation! I have it pointed towards the TV so I can craft and watch my shows at the same time!

Love my custom built island! A friend made it for me. I bought 5 kitchen cabinets from Home Depot, a piece of MDF for the top and framing boards to frame the MDF. I then stapled a fabric shower curtain up underneath it. Lastly I called a local glass company and ordered a piece of glass to fit the top of the island! 

Here is my view from my chair! I had a small tv but the hubby thought I needed a 65" hahaha so I didnt argue

On the backside of the island I put a peg board and attached a plug strip to plug things in and baskets and hooks to hang things I use often so I dont have to get things out and put them away.

On the other side I used rods from IKEA to hang baskets and cups also from IKEA to hold different things like pens, scissors etc...

Next to the window I have drawers from Micheals that I use for scrap paper each drawer holds different colors. I put my scraps in the black bin, when it gets full I watch tv, trim them and file them in the drawers

On top is holiday washi tape! These drawers hold a ton and they are from Micheals

Another view of the wall on the right

These boxes are from IKEA and hold extra items of duplicate colors 

The drawers hold various things like flowers, buttons, this is glitter and stickles

I recently added this IKEA unit as you walk in the door and to cover the back of the stamps that are filed.

These bins fit perfect in the cubes they are closet organizers from Target !

This tall shelf is from IKEA and I put competed projects / favors I have made in it

Some of my washi Tape collection organized by color. My business partner Candace's dad made this rack for me, for my birthday! 

This shelf I had custom made for me at my last house, then the hubby sprayed it white. I use this for twine, tulle, buttons, flat punches etc

Here is the view of that side

Behind the door I used picture shelves from IKEA to hold and organize my ribbon by color

A front view! Its nice to use space behind the door

My washi has gotten a tad crazy so I added additional shelves below it and organized them by theme : food, animals,, tropical, coffee, etc....

This has my printer , supplies, shot box for photography my creations and other small items in the drawers

Close up of my shot box! I love this thing! It has different backgrounds and can be set on the floor to take pics from above!

The drawers are labeled, I labeled them inside the slot to give the whole thing a cleaner look.

For my Nuvo drops, Doodlebug Sequin, etc. I bought a black spinning nail polish holder off Amazon and spray painted it white. Its very function-able to see everything and looks pretty on my shelf!

Here is the business side of my Scrap Studio! These shelves hold all the Jaded Blossom stamps and dies to be purchased by customers.

All the shelves are from Lowes, then the stamps are all filed alphabetically to make it easy to pull orders

In the back I have teal rolling carts from IKEA. I use the one on the left for dies and the other 2 are used for new and upcoming releases. When its release time I can wheel out the cart and start filling orders.

On top I keep some of my vinyl flat and organized by color.

The carts fit nicely under the racks out of the way

On the wall I have some Jaded Blossom art !

Outside the door on the stair landing is a built in bookshelf, I added a IKEA Kallax organizer on top to organize Jaded Blossom treat bags, paper, tubes, etc. 

I off course have some over stock in boxes in the garage of bags, tubes, etc.

A wonderful thing about the 3rd floor is its own bathroom !
So I made it pineapple themed just for me !

Thank you SOOO much for stopping by and taking a tour through my room. If you have any questions you can email me at I cant respond on comments on blogger.