Friday, October 18, 2013

School Bulletin Board !!

Now that both my kiddos are in school,
 I have more time to help and volunteer at their school.
Each class in the school has a bulletin board down the main hallway in the school they are responsible for.
This is the first year my daughter has had a male teacher and like most men...the bulletin board is not their priority LOL !
I made the "mistake" of asking who is doing it because it looked awful..... so guess who is now in charge?
The 3rd grade in both counties go to a Farm Day field trip, so I thought I would do a board of our trip

The borders and cows were cut using a SVG Cutting Files... *however they have not been released yet keep an eye out the beginning of November for these !
I had Ann design these for the bulletin board, I added blue twine for the boys and pink twine, udders and pink eyelash eyes for the girls.
I used a 1 1/2" circle punch to put the kids faces in the cows!

For the banner I bought material and cut it with pinking sheers.
Then sewed the top to feed the rope through the material
Cut strips of material and tied them on to keep it from slipping
Also the letters are just a font I had in the computer

 I hope you enjoyed seeing my bulletin board
Since this is my "duty" for the school year you will be seeing more !!!
The banner strips around the board will be a new file from SVG Cutting Files as well.
I had a hard time finding just plain colors so I'm happy to have a file to customize my own !!!
On the very bottom I used the print and cut feature to write the teachers name and grade!


Abby said...

THIS is FREAKING adorable!!!! SOOO CUTE!!!!!!

Amy said...

Oh good Lord this is sooo adorable!!! Great job on the board! Absolutely LOVE it!!

Rosie said...

omg this projects is awesome, that teaher is lucky to have you involved.

Kate said...

Damn what a Lucky Class. Looks Awesome like always.

Jamie said...

This looks amazing!