Saturday, June 4, 2011

Final haul from Texas Y'all!

Hi, everyone....

Here is a video of my last day at GASC on Friday and my final day of shopping with Stefani today at Hobby Lobby and some local scrapbook stores in Texas. I'm working on packing everything to hit the airport in the morning....hope I don't have to buy an extra ticket.

I don't know if you can hear me on this video...if not please ask any questions you have. I posted the projects I learned in a few classes and when I get them a little more down, I'll post videos on how to do them, too.

Thank you for stopping by.


Dawn, RI said...

Looks like you got alot of nice stuff. You'll have to retape when you get home, couldnt hear a word of it. Tommarrow Im going to westfield Ma
where there just was a tornado. Theres a rubber
stamping and scrapbooking expo there. Its a 2 hour ride we frequently do as my husband has family there. (his sisters house was one lot away from where the tornado hit) well I hope to pick up and learn some new techniques and new products. Glad you had fun!
dawn RI

Anniebee said...

Yeah, I can't understand you on the video either, Michelle. I can get a word here and there but that's about it. Looks like you did some major shopping though! Was that the expo in Arlington? I live here but didn't get to go as I'm currently unemployed and decided that not being able to buy anything would just depress me so I stayed home. I hope you had a great time though and that it was worth the trip. Did you get to meet up with any of your online crafting friends?


Laura said...

Love the little skunk guy.

I have not bought a peachykeen stamp but have used my friends. Need get off of my tuff and get some.

Robin Marshall Clark said...

Hey Michelle! Looks like Stefani took you to the little the crafting Mecca I introduced her to. I loooove The Crafty Scrapper and try to get down there every chance I get. I really hate that I missed meeting up with you and Stefani on this trip. I guess that means you will have to come back! I would love to sit, chat and be inspired. Glad you made it back home safely and thanks for sharing all your goodies!