Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not just a stalker anymore !! lol

HI Y'all !!! Yep I'm back from Texas! I'm sure you saw my 3 haul videos I bought and went crazy in know the saying "Go BIG or Go home" right? Well if you haven't got a chance to view all my awesome deals feel free to scroll down a few posts !

So I met this girl on facebook, we always kidded she was my "stalker" because she would always comment on everything I did...sometimes it seemed before I would even post it! LOL..... so this "crazy" lady asked me to come to Texas and stay with her to attend the Great American Scrapbook Convention.....I of course thought she was a little nutty at first but then we started to chat more and more about crafting and life and I found myself saying "Yes I will come" Way out of my comfort zone since I had never done something like this before....

She (Stefani) was waiting at the airport holding a big ol sign saying "MICHELLE" yes I was a little embarrassed but it was funny.

Let me tell you my stay at her home was WONDERFUL I had my own bedroom (in the craft room) hehehe (my fav place to be) each night I would come back from shopping and find crafty treats on my pillow ! What girl wouldn't be in Heaven?? lol Both her and her hubby were very sweet and accommodating.

They took me to some good 'ol grubbin Texas BBQ. Stefani and I talked and got along like we had been friends forever. People were shocked to find out it was our first time meeting. She introduced me to my FIRST Hobby Lobby and other scrapbook stores in the area...we were going to bed around 2 am and waking up around 6 am.... not getting much sleep but well worth it, I had to suck it all in while I was there! She took me to every Hobby Lobby with a few hours of each other..!!! Here's a pic of us together
She also gave me a BEAUTIFUL gift for my birthday!!! She handmade this reversible bag with my initial and used the E2 to cut the monogram. AND you know what else??? The pink Journey cartridge !!! OMG I couldn't believe it!! Her blog is Styles by Stefani check her out and tell her I said HI!!!
So I wanted to say THANKS to her a her hubby for letting me stay in there home, taking me places, carrying my heavy bags to the airport (filled with ALL my treasures!) !!! I had a great time !!!!


Diane's Place said...

I am so glad that you had a fun time. Hate to admit that I got chills reading your post though...GLAD you made it home MORE!!!

Beandip said...

I love that there are still nice normal people out in the world. What a doll for inviting you and showing you around Texas.

Stefani said...

Hi, Y'all! I got chills (and a little weepy eyed) reading it, too! I had a blast...I love that I have updated my status from Stalker to Friend. Michelle is a sweetie, too! She brought me some thoughtful goodies from California including my first Copic set and a great spa kit I've been using everyday since I got it! She didn't mention that she needed an extra suitcase to make it back home, so my hubby suggested she borrow mine and then I can collect it (and fill it up with goodies) when I come see her at the end of the Summer! I never meet a stranger, so it didn't dawn on me to take it easy with this new friend! But, I know I am lucky that it turned out so nicely and that we got on so great! Thank you for being a wonderful house guest and a better friend! Smooch - Stefani

Robin Marshall Clark said...

I'm really glad you had a great time in Texas! My regret is that I didn't get to meet you while you were here. Only Stefani would ask someone she doesn't even know to fly to Texas and stay at her house for the weekend! That's how she is - trusting and good hearted. Sounds a little like how she and I met. I guess I will have to see you on the next trip. Until then, we'll have to stick to the blogosphere!